Mango juice pre-processing production line


Mango juice is a delicious, vitamin- and mineral-rich drink. In order to preserve the delicious taste and nutritional value of mango, a mango juice processing line came into being. The following are the main processes of the mango juice processing line:

1. Wash and peel: Fresh mangoes are passed through a washing device to remove dirt and pesticide residue from the surface. The mango is then peeled off by means of a peeling device, preserving the pulp.

2. Cutting and pitting: Send the peeled mango into the cutter and cut it into uniform pieces. Then, through the coring equipment, the pits in the pulp are removed to obtain pure mango pulp.

3. Juicing and filtration: Send the mango pulp to the juicer to squeeze the mango juice liquid. The pomace, solid particles and impurities are removed by a filtration device to obtain a clear and transparent mango juice. The mango juice processing line not only provides an efficient and high-quality mango juice production solution, but also meets the market demand for enjoying mango. Through the mango juice processing line, consumers can easily obtain delicious and nutritious mango juice.

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Juice pre-processing production line

Juice pre-processing production line

The production line is widely used in commercial juice processing. Simple operation and high efficiency. It can be customized according to your needs.

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