Fine Sieving

  • Standard vibrating screen

    Standard Type Stainless Steel Vibrating Sieve are a traditional part of the classifying process of dry powders and filtering serous fluids. They sift materials by particle size through a screen. With high quality woven wire mesh screens and the ultrasonic screen technology, vibratory separators are now able to separate much finer materials .

  • Direct-discharge screen

    Direct-discharge screen is a new type of screening equipment. Double vibration source can produce vortex motion on the screen surface. It adopts fully enclosed structure design, so it can effectively prevent the dust from spilling. At the same time, it is easy to install and adjust the assembly line.

  • High-frequency vibrating screen

    The high-frequency vibrating screen adopts a high-frequency two-stage motor with a rotating speed of 3000 times / min, which destroys the surface tension of the material and the high-speed vibration of the fine material on the screen surface.

  • Linear vibrating screen

    Linear vibration screen is the use of vibration motor vibration principle, so that the material on the screen surface to throw a jump forward for linear movement, in order to reasonably match the screen to achieve the purpose of screening.

  • Ultrasonic vibrating screen

    Ultrasonic vibrating screen is composed of vibrating screen and ultrasonic wave source. It converts 220V, 50Hz or 110V, 60Hz electric energy into 36kHz high-frequency electric energy, inputs ultrasonic transducer and turns it into 36kHz mechanical vibration. The generated power ultrasonic makes the screen vibrate at high frequency.

  • Circular tumbler screen

    Our company learns from foreign advanced technology and many years of production experience, combined with the circular structure and multi-layer scheme of swing-type rotor sieve, designed this light volume, small noise, space-saving, easy to move SF swing sieve. SF swing sieve unique mesh frame design, so that the screen for a long time and change the net fast.

Xinxiang Sanfeng

Xinxiang Sanfeng Machinery Co., Ltd was founded in 2006. The company is advanced manufacturer of vibrating sieve,

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