What is the difference between tumbler screen and vibrating screen?

2023-06-16 11:48:28

Combined with the circular structure and multi-layer scheme of the shale shaker, the SF tumble screen with light volume, low noise, space saving and convenient movement is designed. The unique screen frame design of SF tumble screen makes the screen change faster for a long time. The output per unit area is up to 5 times, accurate to multistage separation, high screening efficiency, design accuracy and durability, and can screen any powder or irregular shape particles. The sieve hole is not blocked, and the powder does not fly. It can be sieved to 500 meshes or 0.028mm. Impurities and coarse materials are discharged automatically and can work continuously….

Compared with the vibrating screen, the tumble screen adopts the artificial screening principle, with an output area of up to 5 times, which can achieve a maximum of 6 levels of classification, and the output is more than 5 times that of the ordinary vibrating screen.

This article will focus on the main differences between the two types of screens:

1. Differences in screening principles

Because the tumble screen simulates manual screening, the material conducts nonlinear three-dimensional motion on the screen surface, including circular motion and upward arc throwing motion. The vibrating screen is driven by double motors or vertical vibrating motors, and the movement track of materials is generally a straight line or horizontal, inclined or vertical three-dimensional movement.

2. Suitable for material differences

The characteristics of the tumble screen in imitation of manual screening and the addition of a grid cleaning device make the tumble screen more suitable for irregular or relatively wet materials within 500 meshes. The tumble screen avoids the screen blocking problem that often occurs with ordinary vibrating screens. The vibrating principle of the vibrating screen belongs to the non-equilibrium destructive violent movement to screen materials, so it may damage materials. For all granular crystalline and brittle materials, such as limestone, it is recommended to use the swinging screen, and its screening accuracy can reach more than 95%.

Industries suitable for swing screen: grain industry, chemical industry, metallurgy industry, mining industry

3. Difference in screening output

For large materials with mesh size of more than 30, the output of the tumble screen is almost the same as that of the ordinary vibrating screen. However, for materials with mesh size of 30 to 500, the output of materials handled by the tumble screen is far greater than that of the ordinary vibrating screen, which is generally more than 5 times of that of the ordinary vibrating screen.

4. Differences in maintenance probability and service life

The vibration of the tumble screen is very destructive to the equipment itself, and it is easy to cause equipment vibration cracking, deformation and screen mesh damage over a long period of time. Because the working principle of the tumble screen is different from it, the tumble screen can avoid this.

The above are the major differences between the oscillating screen and the vibrating screen. In selecting the fit of the vibrating screen, users need to have clear requirements for the materials to be screened and the output, so that we can recommend more suitable models for you. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions related to the vibrating screen.

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